Before the Preamp of my Rivera M100 I have a small pedalboard (in which I make frequent changes, adding or removing pedals, never more than 5, depending on the gig)
The guitar is connected to the first pedal with a 1.5 meters cable. 
Pedals are:

Xotic RC booster . My favorite Pedal. Clean boost & Buffer.
Maxon SD9 . Distortion TrueBypass, great response to the volume knob in my guitar, I sometimes change it for the  Maxon VOP9  which has more Mids, and sounds "Fatter" with single coil pickups.
Idea Sound DSX . Distortion.
Eventide H9 MAX.  Multi effects

Stoner's Battery Park. 

To the FX Loop of my Rivera are connected a  BOSS VF-1 , in parallel using the  Suhr Minimix , and the Volume pedals,  Vertex SH , and  EWS

Off board, I frequently use this pedals:

ARC Klone V.3
IDEA SOUND TSX  -  http://product.opus10.net/
MI Audio CrunchBox.
Shibuya Gakki. Wheels of Fire Wah Pedal.
Astone Compresor. MXR Type.
Empress tremolo.
T-Rex Replica.




Probably the most versatile amp I have ever played. I found it in a small shop in Ochanomizu, was a combo and later on I turned it into a Head. Without any doubt, a bargain.

Vox MV50 Clean.  The guys from vox have a done a great job with this little amps. I use it for my wet signal and for small and mid size gigs. Very convenient for the Tokyo scene.

CUSTOM AUDIO  Cabinet con 2x12 Heritage 65. Closed Back.


AER Compact 60.

Rivera M100 y CAE 2x12


John Suhr Classic con SSC White (in Eb)

John Suhr Classic con SSC Fiesta Red (in E)

Tom Anderson Drop Top Classic.


Larrive L-03HH

Yamaha CG182 C

Suhr Classic & Drop Top Classic
Yamaha CG-182C