Lee Amplification AG100. The evolution of Plexi amps. Available shortly.

As we announced before, the result of the collaboration with Lee Amplification is almost ready and the final product is outstanding. 

An amp with the character of an early Jtm modified to deliver a more natural and smooth sound with a really wide tonal range. 


 4 el34 4 12ax7

Heyboer 100watts transformer 

Voltage Selector 100v, 120v, 220v, 240v

Line Out 

Master Volume, Phase Inverter

Fx loop with bypass and series/parallel switch

Handwired, One Channel 

Active EQ (adapts to almost every situation)

Impedance selector 4,8,16 Ohms 

Gain switch (back panel) 




Today's Thoughts about Learning Guitar

So you want to learn how to play guitar and want to do it "quickly?" I have some advice for you. Although mostly everything I will say could be considered "common sense," a lot of music students fail to consider the needed steps. 

I also encourage you to look for a local guitar teacher who will weed out the unnecessary and unimportant stuff tohelp you focus on what you need. 

 Here we go.


The technique needed to start playing an instrument is not much but it is important to have it.  Give priority to technique at first. You just need it.


There are 12 sounds—trust me, eventually you will get it. But rhythms are a totally different story. The possibilities are endless. Rhythm is also a very important part of a melodic idea, more important than the note choice. Be solid rhythmically and your life will be easier. 

Mastery is the goal

There are several ways to learn something: you can go through it badly, be able to play it well, or you can masterit. When you take the time and effort to master something you are automatically learning and improving the "how to." When you learn something badly you are just learning that task. 
Is it always necessary to make a lot of effort to master something? I don't think so. Sometimes understanding "why or how" to do something is enough, and while practice helps, you can also practice something for hours and not make any progress if you don't understand well what you are doing. 


Do I need to learn theory???

Absolutely, YES!!! And

I have a formula for you:

1st The notes 
2nd Intervals
3rd Time and key signatures 
4th Triads
5th Harmonization of the major scale
6th Harmonization of the minor scale 
7th Go back to step 1 and repeat 500,000 times 

 Is not about how much theory you know but about how well you wield it. 


Although reading is not that important at first, combined with theory it is a very powerful tool. So why not? Reading will also help you with tabs, but be aware that you will not find tabs in the real world. 
Reading on the guitar is hard and deep, and it requires a lot of effort and self-discipline. Take it easy but be persistent. 


Well, that's it for now. Practice at different tempos, and if possible in different keys. Focus on doing things right at first and smile, always smile.


I hope this helps. 



I have recently been part of an advertising campaign for Yamaha, introducing a new and amazing technology called Transacoustic, available on different acoustic instruments. 

I was blown away by this idea and had a great time filming the video.




This a quick guide for those of you who want to buy a guitar for a young student.

I strongly recommend to start with a nylon acoustic guitar, half size, 3/4 or full size, depending on their age and size.

Of course, the purchase will depend on the budget and the available stock at that time.

Shops I recommend:

Doctor Sound. Ochanomizu 

Ishibashi Shibuya

G-Club Shibuya

Yamaha Ginza

Yamano Music Ginza

Also there is a Music Instrument Network called  Digimart.net  where you can spot an instrument and either way go to the shop or buy it online. I use this all the time, and it works fine.

Example #1
Example #2
Example #3 

Of course in  Amazon  japan you could also find guitars.

 Recommended Guitar Brands:






Hope this helps.


Alberto Garcia


Check out this Demo I did in collaboration with IDEA SOUND PRODUCT. 

These pedals are really versatile and good sounding.

You can check the specifications at  https://product.opus10.net/

TSX ver.1 Overdrive

DSX ver.1 Distortion